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The Catalog of Different Aunt Jemima Cookie Jars:

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clay art aunt jemima cookie jar

This cookie jar known as "Baking Time" has blue arms and a red dot scarf.

Created by Clay Art of San Francisco in 1991.

Measures approximately 10" tall x 10" wide.

There is a Clay Art hallmark on the bottom of the jar.

Clay Art, established in 1979 by two high school teachers in San Francisco, is known for their celebrity cookie jars, salt and pepper shakers and masks. Clay Art if famous for it's craftsmanship and outstanding art. Their work is wonderful and the colors used are bright and vivid.

The Famous McCoy Aunt Jemima Cookie Jar:

mccoy aunt jemima cookie jar

Here is a larger picture of a well-loved McCoy cookie jar:

mccoy aunt jemima cookie jar

The McCoy cookie jar is about a foot tall. It was made between 1944 and 1947.

I have read but not confirmed that over 100,000 of these cookie jars were produced. Literally the only widespread production of Aunt Jemima cookie jars ever made. However, because they were not originally collectors items, and because many were discarded after being considered derogatory, not that many remain. Even fewer are in good condition. On the other hand, since early production techniques were not as polished as they are today, real McCoy cookie jars may suffer from paint chips. Newer knock-offs will not have this problem. Ironically, then, a situation where a nicer looking jar is not as valuable as one with paint wear.

In full glory the figure is wearing a white dress with a red cap. There is red trim.

This McCoy jar was Originally made with lettering, "Dem Cookies shor am good".

Another McCoy cookie jar, called Mammy with Cauliflowers, is very rare.

It was made in 1939 and looks like this:

mccoy aunt jemima cookie jar

This Aunt Jemima cookie jar has a bright red dress:

jemima cookie jar in red dress

This jar is appoximately 12" tall and 8" wide.

Here is a brownish red Aunt Jemima cookie jar with a big belly:

sarsaparilla aunt jemima cookie jar

This jar was made in 1980. It was created by SARSAPARILLA DECO DESIGN NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK. Who Produces Jars under the trademark {SARSAPARILLA}. Marked on the bottom of the jar will be "SARSAPARILLA DECO DESIGN N.Y.C. NY. JAPAN in Memories of Aunt Jemima or Mama."

The Sarsaparilla cookie jar is 9 3/4 inches tall and 6 inches wide.

This heavy cookie jar brown and red with white dots for decoration.

Other McCoy Cookie Jars:

Although McCoy pottery only acknowledges production of the above two cookie jars, other McCoy collectibles abound:

Here is a vintage Jemima cookie jar with with a red mit and hat:

aunt jemima cookie jar red hat

Here is a picture of the inside of the jar with 'McCoy" imprinted at the bottom:

aunt jemima cookie jar red hat

This jar is 10 3/4" tall.

New, McCoy reproduction cookie jars. There are some beautiful cookie jars that are marked McCoy on the bottom. However, these would not be considered authentic, vintage McCoy cookie jars, but were made much more recently.

So if you collect Aunt Jemima, mammy or Black Americana these are still very nice additions to your collection.

This one is greed with a black checkered pattern dress:

mccoy aunt jemima cookie jar green

The jar is about 10 inches tall with the lid, 7 inches wide, 7 inches long, and 5 inches deep.

Here is one with a blue dress:

mccoy aunt jemima cookie jar blue

This yellow jar has a plaid apron and rooster detail:

mccoy aunt jemima cookie jar rooster

This white cookie jar has chickens on the dress:

mccoy aunt jemima cookie jar chicken

This one is flaming red:

mccoy aunt jemima cookie jar red

Here is a lucky cookie jar with a shamrock:

mccoy aunt jemima cookie jar shamrock

This jar has a red checkered apron:

mccoy aunt jemima cookie jar checkered

The base of these jars looks like this:

mccoy aunt jemima cookie jar bottom

Here is a delightful Aunt Jemima cookie jar in a red dress with a blue teapot:

aunt jemima cookie jar teapot

This mammy is sweet and wonderful serving up a pot of goodies. Just tip her head off and find the cookies.

With no signage this could be a home made cookie jar.

Measures about 13 inches high and about 7 inches wide on her skirt.

Unlike the other cookie jars which are porcelain, this one is plastic:

aunt jemima plastic cookie jar

This vintage red cookie jar jar from F&F Plastic measures a foot tall and seven inches wide.

Here is a pretty in pink Aunt Jemima style cookie jar from Wolfe Studios:

wolfe studios aunt jemima cookie jar

This Commemorative McCoy Limited Edition was created in 1991:

mccoy aunt jemima cookie jar commemorative

The aqua colored Commemorative McCoy measures 10 1/2 inches tall x 7 inches wide at the base.

On the inside it has this printing:

mccoy aunt jemima cookie jar commemorative


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